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On October 6, 2019, thousands of people from San Antonio and the surrounding area will meet at the grassy knoll on San Pedro Ave., just inside Loop 410, to make their voices heard in defense of the preborn. This is not a political rally, it is not a gathering of people expressing a mere religious opinion, but people who are committed to life and to end what can only be factually defined as murder. Abortion always kills a child and harms a woman and that is a fact.

For far too long, the issue of abortion has been painted by its proponents as “reproductive rights,” “healthcare,” as a “woman’s right to choose.” Myths and misleading slogans have been propagated to justify what only be classified as a violation of the divine command, “thou shalt not kill.” One has no right to kill the child who is already alive. It is above a human’s paygrade. It is never healthcare to kill a baby. No mother ought to have the license to choose to kill her child. Yet that is the only thing that those who advocate for abortion are actually defending.

The truth is that abortion is state sanctioned murder of people who are deemed to be “life unworthy of life” by the political elite. Those in politics who benefit from supporting the abortion lobby are becoming more and more brazen in their support of abortion and ‘Planned Parenthood’. For example, this campaign season, Bernie Sanders has supported funding overseas abortion in order to limit the births in poor countries around the world. He further noted that such a program is “something I very, very strongly support.” S.E. Cupp rightly commented, “. . . talking about needing ‘population control’ through ABORTION for the sake of CLIMATE is talking about EUGENICS.” Nothing smacks of eugenics more than targeting poor people of color for extermination in the womb as Bernie Sanders comments, except maybe the reality that Planned Parenthood places its clinics in largely minority and lower income neighborhoods offering to exterminate the local populace’s “unwanted” to the number of more than 3000 lives taken a day; affecting by percentage African-Americans more than any other people group. This is targeting the poorest of the poor and violates authentic social justice.

It isn’t only an intrinsic issue being politicized by national politicians, but in San Antonio, it is an issue that our local politicians have ignored the clear truth about abortion being murdered and instead have worked to promote Planned Parenthood and abortion targeting minorities, especially Latina teen girls in San Antonio. The chief political proponent of in-womb child murder in San Antonio has been Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who has publicly boasted of his hiring of former Planned Parenthood Abortionist, Chichi Junda Woo, as the chief medical officer equivalent to a local ‘Surgeon General’ on public health issues. Additionally, Nirenberg fought to have Planned Parenthood in his district while District 8 Councilman, in violation of proper zoning and has consistently supported providing abortifacient drugs to minority teen girls in San Antonio through Medicaid. Now Nirenberg and the Council have partnered with Planned Parenthood through the public funding of $200,000 to the Blue Star Complex which recently hosted an exhibit of submitted “art” in favor of Planned Parenthood, abortion, and to the exclusion of any diverse message supporting life. Locally, the San Antonio City Council has become one of the most ardent government supporters of abortion in Texas and America even going so far as to issue a City Proclamation congratulating ‘Planned Parenthood’ for “providing and protecting the health care of people to plan their families and their futures (for 80 years)”.

It is time for the politics to end. Life is life and murder is wrong. We can no longer allow politicians to profit from abortion. No longer can we accept the lies that abortion is ‘healthcare’ or that mothers have the right to kill their preborn child. It isn’t the mom’s body that is being taken out of the womb (prematurely) and genuine healthcare is about saving lives not ending them. Mom and unborn child are sharing space. And, “Thou shalt not kill” is still written in stone.

You can make a difference. Join your voice to the thousands locally and the millions nationally, who see the issue of abortion for what it truly is, licensed killing. Work with others within your local community to end the governmental endorsement, promotion, and sanction of the killing of innocent children. Join us and bring others to fight for the preborn, Sunday, October 6, 2019 as we stand together to state that killing the unborn murder is always wrong. Below is our schedule:

12:30pm  ​Live Band: Revelation Rising

1:00pm  ​Opening Ceremonies

1:05pm  ​March for Life

1:40 ​pm  ​Life Affirming Speeches & Presentation of the Life Hero Award

2-3pm​  Human Life Chain

3:15pm Closing Prayer


  • Dr. Darrell Horn, Present of the San Antonio Baptist Association
  • Rev. Clay Hunt, ArchSA Jail Ministries Priest Director

For More Info, visit and @LifeChainSA on social media. #UniteForLifeSA

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